weekend wrap-up: kcw august 2016

I think you guys really blew it out of the water this weekend! I had a hard time choosing pictures for this wrap up since I missed a few days (mostly, the entire weekend). Not because I was ignoring…. Just because so many things happened relentlessly. Phew!!! Clockwise from top left 1/2/3/4 But seriously, seeing […]

day four : kcw aug 2016

It’s day four!! How are you holding up? I’ve got a few projects still on my to do list, and hoping that I can bang them out with the couple of hours that the rest of the week will provide 🙂 Here is some inspiration for you from the project pool that was added since […]

day three : august 2016

We’re approaching the midweek mark! How is your week going? Have you gotten your hour in? Are you starting to see finished projects? We’re seeing lots of knits in the project pool and lots of basics. Back to school also seems to be a strong theme! Are you sewing with this season’s theme in mind? […]

day two : kcw august 2016

Day two is upon us…. Do you feel like you’re seeing progress or are you still preparing your sewing? There are some really good projects starting to pop up in the project pool! I’m definitely noticing a lot of girl looks (although they’re not you’re traditional girly dress!) Clockwise from top left 1/2/3/4 I’m also […]

day one : kcw aug 2016

It’s day one of kid’s clothes week! Are you just as excited about it as I am?! Did you get ready ahead of time by cutting your makes early and have a plan that you want to accomplish? Are you just winging it and seeing where it takes you? Clearly, these first couple of makes […]

giveaway week : oliver + s

It’s the final day before KCW…. are you just as excited as I am!?!? I get like this for every season, but I’m already planning and looking forward to what I create this week… But most importantly, I look forward to what YOU create this week even more! To get us ready for the week, […]