swimsuit-a-thon : galaxy

swimsuit-a-thon : galaxy

Summer has finally arrived in our parts. And it came with force! One minute it was so cold we needed jackets and the next we were sweating buckets. As always, I try to plan some swimsuits for the girls around this time of year. Last year I didn’t really get around to it, since they […]

Kitty Millie Dress

Kitty Millie Dress

I feel like all of a sudden I’m sewing a bunch of dresses for this little one! I never thought she’d be very girlie, she always seemed to be more a tomboy then anything. Always preferring to play with her brothers and hanging out in the hockey change room. But lately, she’s playing more with […]

Why I Sew : Soumya

Hey guys!!! This post is coming to you about a week late… oops! I forgot about how bad my wifi would be last week/weekend and how busy back to school always winds up being. But, here is the last post for our summer season 🙂 -Julie Growing up in India I never knew anyone in […]

Why I Sew : Lindsy

My first sewing experiences date from when I was 18.  After I graduated from high school in 1996 in Belgium, I flew over to San Antonio in Texas to become an exchange student in Winston Churchill high for one year.  Because graduating over there had no extra value for me (when working in Belgium) I […]

Why I sew : Nicoletta

I don’t know if there is only one reason why I love so much sewing. In my personal experience, it was the influence of many factors. First of all, as many of you, in my family I had really talented knitters and seamstress: I grew up watching my mom having always a project in her […]

Why I Sew : Amy

Growing up I was lucky enough to live between two dressmakers. One made gowns and sometimes our halloween costumes, and another used to set me up with a jar of buttons and needle and thread. And my mom sewed… a lot. She made some of her clothes and lots of ours… and years of halloween […]