#minimemademay 2019

Every year our blog roll and instagram feed lights up with amazing ‘me made’ outfits! It’s a phenomenon that happens once a year, and lasts for an entire month. If you’re not aware of this or haven’t guessed what I’m talking about already… it’s Me Made May! The idea is simple, Zoe who’s been hosting this event for 10 years now (yes TEN!!) has a post on her blog where you write your pledge for the month (usually to wear only me mades, or one me made a day, etc… whatever you can, after all it’s your pledge and you decide) here. And you go about your month all while trying to keep to your pledge.

So this year, we’ve been talking and we decided to take part in it too! If you’re on Instagram you might have noticed the hashtag #minimemademay before. The idea is that it’s a kid’s version of Me Made May. So we’re informally hosting a kid’s version of the challenge!

Our plan is to have our kids wear as many handmades as possible during the week, and we’ll be documenting how we’ve all done with a blog post at the end of the week on the blog. We’ll also be sharing our daily progress with the hashtag #minimemademay and over on instagram.

May 1st is a week from today! Let us know if you’ll be taking the pledge in the comments or by sharing the image above in your feed and tagging us!

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