KCW March 2017 – Day 3

Welcome to day 3! Are you still getting your sew on? An hour isn’t too much when you look at the big picture that your day is, so try to snag that hour! Even if it’s after the kids’┬ábedtime ­čśë I’ve been trying to get a few things finished up over here, but sometimes I feel like it takes me longer… Oh well, it’ll get there!


March 2017 Day3 round up


Meanwhile, have you been checking out what everyone else is making?! Rompers and overalls seem to have gotten popular all over again, and they’re not just for the little kids! Some fun geometric prints and silhouettes can make them for just about anybody! And tees, I can never get enough of a good tee… did you notice those green buttons on the one above?! There are endless┬ápossibilities┬áto costume your tee!

Don’t forget to get your hour in today and share with us in the project pool! I can’t wait to see what you are all sewing!

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