Hi, Nicoletta here, I am blogging over Stitch&Cappuccino and more often posting on Instagram. I have participated to Kids Clothes Week for few years, since my daughter was little and she is 4 now. Having three small kids (4 years, 2 years, and 8 months), it is hard to find time to sew lately, but KCW is always a big motivation to do it. Maybe I will not sew an item per day, but even if I arrive to finish something at the end of the week it will be a big achievement.

And now let’s talk about Celebration. When Julie proposed this theme, my mind associated it to dressing for occasion, probably because this July is for me and my family a month full of celebrations. We had weddings to attend, but moreover we baptized both our sons. So I will focus this post on how to dress boys for occasions. Dressing boys can be tricky, I wanted them to be stylish but comfortable at the same time, because I know how much they moves and don’t really care if they are dressed up or down. So I have collected few inspirations and I want to share with you.

For a toddler boy, my opinion is that a shirt and slim pants or shorts will work just fine. You can add later details as a bow or a vest.

KCW 1 

1.Pinterest 2.Pinterest 3.Pinterest 4.Pinterest

To achieve this look, my short list is Morocco pants and shorts by Petitapetitandfamily, Theo shirt by Zonen09, or Sketchbook shirt and shorts by Oliver+s for a total look.


1.Sketchbook shirt by probablyactually 2.Morocco pants by petitapetitandfamily 3. Sketchbook shorts by probablyactually 4. Theo shirt by sweetkm


For the baby boy, I think the choice for me it is pretty simple: the bodysuit from the Lullaby Layette set by Oliver+S is a perfect base to personalize with few details that will make the difference.


1.Lullaby Layette bodysuit by wikstenmade 2.Etsy 3.Macy’s 4.Lullaby Layette bodysuit by Oliver+s

I hope this can be inspiring for all your sewing. And remember to celebrate everyday of your life with your little ones!



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  1. Jennifer O.

    The Oliver + S Sunny Days shorts pattern might also work, and it’s free (though only goes up to size 5). I’ve made several Sketchbook shirts, but not tried the shorts yet.

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