day five: kcw feb 2016

Welcome to day five of KCW. You probably have a busy weekend coming up, but don’t stop now! There are still two more days in KCW and you need to find those hours somewhere. I know you can!

kcw feb 2016: day five featured garments

1. animal long sleeve by Eva 2. love you leggings by Erin 3. circle sweater by Sew 4. doodle army by Karly 

The last steps are always the hardest. I asked on facebook this morning which sewing bits were your least favorite. Buttonholes, hemming, neck binding, these are no one’s best friends. It’s good to know that even the sewers you most admire (and seem to sew no wrong) have things they hate too.

Just because you love sewing doesn’t mean you have to love every single bit of sewing. Sometimes you need to power through the not so fun bits to get to the “look at this amazing thing I made” feeling. This is when KCW saves the day: if you put in your hours this weekend, it’ll all get done!

kcw feb 2016: day five featured garments

1. pompom tutu by Jess 2. dollhouse doll dress by Soumya 3. bias stripes by Naii 4. velcro darts game by Stannel 

I bet all these sewers are feeling that feeling right about now. There are so many beautiful and playful garments in the project pool: pompoms in your skirt, doodles on your shirt, and a dart board you can wear!! Do you have any favorites so far?

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