wrap up: kcw october 2015

The craziness of Kid’s Clothes Week has passed and now you get to sit back and admire all that you have accomplished. And wow! you have accomplished so much! Inventive with the theme? Check! Gorgeous finished garments? Check! Happy kids in handmade clothes? Check!

wrap up: kcw october 2015

1. heart raglan t-shirt by Sara 2. stella 2 by Amy 3. bold crop set by Erin 4. stickly rocker pjs by Eva 5. wild animal pajamas by Melissa 6. baby jumpsuit by Boeven 7. lined autumn proof pants by An 8. lion t-shirt by Janelle 9. bimaa sweater and relax fit pants by Annika 

Halloween? Check, check and double check! These are only a few of the amazing Halloween costumes you made this season. There were hippos and swans, little lukes and big obi wans , mailboxes and cookies. Would you look at that fresh baked chocolate chip cookie! So cute. I tried to talk my son into being a pb&j or a hot dog or something ridiculously fun to sew, but no. He wants to be a ninja just like last year. Oh well.

Whether you sewed something your kid wanted or something you wanted, all that matters is their homemade Halloween costume is done. Now you can send them out to gather chocolate peanut butter cup for you, because when you make the costume you get dibs on the candy!

wrap up: kcw october 2015

1. gone batty by Holli 2. unikitty top by Raphaelle 3. pirate waistcoat by Becca 4. paw patrol costume by Angela 5. chocolate chip cookie by Roxanne 6. happy gnomes by Jennifer 7. organ grinder monkey by Jordan 8. woodland fairy by Annie 9. hermione costume by Allie

KCWer are spread out all over the world and it is so wonderful that we can all come together and share our (slightly odd) love of making kids clothes. I might get weird looks when I say I made my child’s clothes, or too much praise for a two-seam skirt I made, but you know just the right thing to say. Because you know what an accomplishment it is to make your first pair of pants, you know how hard it is to make perfect buttonholes, and you know what a pain in the a** it is to sew with tuile.

wrap up: kcw october 2015

1. Charles by Liselot 2. wool pajamas by Melissa 3. my first blue jeans by Lisbet 4. mustard bucks by Masha 5. suspender shorts by Lindsay 6. louisa dress in disguise by Boeven 7. alice’s tea party dress by Nele 8. elephant tunic by Nuala 9. louisa/ileana by Kim

So now that you have a bit of time, jump over to the project pool and leave a comment or two. We might live nowhere near people who know the right thing to say when we finish sewing something we are proud of. But you do.

Stay tuned! Our contributors have lots of good stuff in store for you in November ! And if you are interested in being a contributor for the upcoming winter season on KCW, please email me at kidsclothesweek@gmail.com with a paragraph about yourself, a link to your KCW profile page, and a few photos of what you’ve sewn.

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  1. Melissa Q.

    Oh! How fun to see my guys in their pjs up there! Great post, Meg.  You are so right…we all know just how to motivate each other.  The under and over-whelmed from non-sewers can get so weird! We-who-are-in-the-know need to have each other’s back! 

  2. Melissa

    Eeep!  This round of KCW was fun and inspiring and miraculously there was enough time to complete some projects! ha! always look forward to your realness and thanks for showing off my little guy in his wool jammies 🙂

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