kid’s clothes week + giveaway

Welcome to giveaway week–a whole week devoted to showcasing fantastic shops and giving away fantastic goods! Today we are starting with someone rather unexpected–ourselves! Normally we do a participant giveaway for everyone sewing along that season, but this time we thought we’d have a giveaway for all KCWers! So whether you are planning to jump in this KCW and sew your heart out or if life has gotten in the way of signing up this season, you can win some fantastic KCW swag!

kcw swag!

1. KCW t-shirt 2. KCW tote bag

For a while now, we’ve wanted to print up some KCW t-shirts. Every time you sign up for KCW, you do amazing things! Sewing and hour (or more) everyday for a week is a lot of work. But most of that work is done alone in a basement studio, or closet studio, or corner of the bedroom studio. We want everyone to know what amazing things you do. When you wear a KCW t-shirt or carry of KCW tote bag, you are surely going to be asked, “What is KCW?”.  And you can answer, “Well, KCW is this thing I do where I commit to being totally awesome for an entire week.”

kcw greeting cards

greeting cards: 1. say sew! 2. get this sew on the road 3. vacation sewing 

We designed the t-shirts and tote bags on Society6, a place for artists to print their work on a variety of materials. They don’t just print on fabrics though, they also offer framed prints, greeting cards, and even phone cases! All of these are available for purchase on our Society6 site. For our TRAVELING theme, we thought a set of greeting cards would be the best item to giveaway. Why not write an actual handwritten card to someone while you are on vacation this year?!

cut & sew neck pillow // kcw

cut & sew neck pillow

This season’s graphics play with the idea of traveling with your sewing machine. But what if you can’t actually take your sewing machine on vacation with you? What if you miss it while you are on vacation? What if you could have something to remind you of your beloved sewing machine while you are away? Something soft and cuddly that would help you sleep (and dream of all the beautiful things you’ll make).

Enter the official KCW cut & sew neck pillow! It’s printed at Spoonflower on a fat quarter. To rip open the package, cut it out, and sew it up, takes only 10 minutes!  You can then stuff it firmly or loosely, whatever your preference. You can even stuff it with rice and heat it up in the microwave to sooth your aching neck. And when it’s not around your neck, it can just look adorable in your studio! If you’ve ever wanted to hug your sewing machine, but didn’t want to get poked, now you have your chance!

And to win the cut& sew neck pillow, along with the t-shirt, tote bag, and greeting card set please use the Rafflecopter widget below. Enter by Monday, June 22. This giveaway is open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. One winners will receive a t-shirt and tote bag of their choice, a set of greeting cards, and a cut & sew neck pillow.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and Happy KCW!

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  1. Andrea

    I really love the neck pillow! It’s funny and clever and probably pretty comfy 🙂 And I also like the vacation sewing theme on the tote bag or throw pillow.

    By the way, I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but the links in the Rafflecopter widget don’t work properly because the colon : is missing after http in both the link to society6 and spoonflower.

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