wrap up: kcw april 2015

Another Kid’s Clothes Week as come and gone. This season we were just a couple shy of 500 participants! 500 people sewing a bit each day and some much more than a bit! Look at all these amazing clothes that were made by committing to sewing each day for a week.

wrap up: kcw april 2015

1. polka dot lol swing top by Shelly 2. ruched dressage leggings by Jenn 3. gray shorts by Mònica. handcrafted hanami dress by Kristin 5. ottobre knit dress by Rachel 6. it’s a bright summer by Jessica 7. red chambray shorts by Lucinda 8. trousers week by Isabel 9. red + white by Brittney

I know it’s impossible to keep up this frenetic pace, but for a few weeks a year it’s fun to sew like crazy. And you did: shorts and tops, dresses and pants, and hey why not sew an octopus tutu?! The theme was WILD THINGS after all. I love how you interpreted the theme this season. Some of you went in a tame direction with subtle prints or simple stencils. Others went full on wild with animal print everything or, again because it’s so awesome, an octopus tutu!

wrap up: kcw april 2015

1. hummingbird by Elke 2. my prepster lion by Dagbjört 3. cat bonnet by Roxanne 4. meow by Thea 5. octopus tutu by Alexis 6. bunny tee by Nicola 7. cheetah in the wild by Karly 8. deer bimaa by Dana 9. casper’s snail shirt by Nico


If you sat back on your laurels this season, I hope you will join us next time! For all of you that signed up and sewed your heart out, we will be choosing the winner of the participant giveaway tomorrow. So stop back over to see if you’ve won. Of course all of us are winners. We’ve got cute kids that we made, cute clothes we made for them, and a giant pile of laundry that they made for us.

Happy KCW!!



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  1. Louisa

    It was so much fun to sew along and see what others have made. I tried new techniques, found new blogs to follow, and add some new independent patterns to my must make list. It was so very much fun. Thanks!

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