day three: kcw april 2015

Today is day three! Did you already find your hour to sew today? Or are you waiting until the wee hours (when the wee ones are sleeping)?

day three: kcw april 2015

1. pink snapper swimsuit by Ailsa 2. zebra bonnet by Toya 3. stripe retro shorts by Karly 4. panda love by Carin 

Only a few days into the week and already the project pool has exploded with awesome kid clothes. Every kind of WILD THING you can think of is represented! Pandas, eagles, zebras, bunnies, frogs, snapper, and cheetahs too. By the time the week is over, KCW will be a veritable zoo!

day three: kcw april 2015

1. frog pocket bimaa by Lindsey 2 eagle bimaa by Janelle 3. mingo chocolate by Mel 4. tangram jeans patch by Petra 

Your commitment might start to wane the third day. Resist! You just have to find one hour each day. It’s totally fine if you haven’t finished anything yet or if everything you’ve tried to finish has gone down the toilet. All that matters is that you sit down to sew (or cut or trace or pin) each day this week. The zoo wasn’t built in a day, after all.

the winner of the KCW giveawayThe winner of the Blaverry giveaway is Holly Sharp! Congratulations, Holly, you have won your choice of 4 Blaverry PDF patterns! Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the Zonen 09 giveaway . Good luck and Happy KCW!

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