day five: kcw feb 2015

Welcome to day five of Kid’s Clothes Week! Every season you guys make clothes that knock my socks off and every season they get better and better. How is that even possible?

day five: kcw feb 2015

1. upycled half zip sweater by Maartje 2. piped tunic by Lisa 3. stripe and leather embellished t by Bethany 4. striped upcycled skirt by Jessica

Today’s featured garments are locked in a battle between muted neutrals and bold colors! winter and summer! northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere! Well, no not really, but it seems like it doesn’t it? Both sides ultimately win though. The clothes above are basic while still being original and the clothes pictured below are loud without being obnoxious.

day five: kcw feb 2015

1. knit tees to dresses by Thouraya 2. green summer pants by Nicki 3. Steve leggings by Nicki 4. baby wale corduroy blazer by Stacey

It’s Friday, so I have to give my little speech titled, “It’s Kid’s Clothes Week not Kid’s Clothes take-the-weekend-off!” Even if things haven’t been going your way this week, now is not the time to throw in the towel. KCW is about doing a little, then doing a little more and seeing where that takes you. I know you can find one hour tomorrow and one on Sunday. Maybe you really can finish those pants, maybe you can squeak out another t-shirt, maybe you can rip out that seam and try one more time to get it right. If you don’t put in a little time trying, you’ll never know if you can actually do it!

the winner of the KCW givewaway

The Figgy’s Heavenly Pattern Bundle is our last giveaway of the season, folks. And the winner is…Annelies! Congratulations! You have won 7 Figgy’s patterns!  I hope you enjoyed giveaway week. Be sure to stop by the blog this weekend for some more amazing featured garments! Happy KCW!

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