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Tasha from Glitter+Wit, here! Why do you sew? For me, the answer is both simple and complicated (a mess, really). I answered this exact question on my own blog five months ago, coming to the conclusion that I sew because I want to keep the precious sewing memories I’ve made (and will make) with my children a part of me forever. That post has a lot of information about me and my sewing journey (and is also very heavy of KCW sewing (check. it. out.), so I’ll try not to repeat too much here. Fast forward five months and my answer is not exactly the same, anyway!

glitter-and-wit-11. florence for christmas 2. stylo for him 3. charlie in silk

I sew because I have a ton of sewing crap

Ah! This, right? Sometimes we acquire things so that we can use them. Other times we use things simply because we’ve acquired them. (And then other other times we throw the useless acquired things into a [drawer, garage, room] until there’s enough to make a donation somewhere.) I would feel awfully guilty about asking my husband to abandon the eight year old t-shirt(s) hanging three-years-unworn in the closet if I didn’t use the entire room of sewing equipment and supplies I have. If I suddenly just stopped sewing, I’d have to sell off all this stuff! And then I’d have to admit that I’ve become incredibly attached to some of it. And then I’d cry. It’s much easier to just keep sewing, I think.

glitter-and-wit-21. lua sleep sack 2. schoolboy vest 3. refashioned hanami

I sew because I’m pretty stinking good at it

Does that make me sound like an arrogant jerk? Somewhere in the midst of becoming a mother, starting a sewing blog, and sewing occupationally, I gained a lot of confidence and stopped caring what others thought. I used to ask my husband “Is this good? Can you tell I messed up right here? What do you think?” Now I show him what I’ve made and say “Look at this! It’s amazing, and here’s why…” If you had complimented me on my sewing five (heck, even just two) years ago, I would have blushed and muttered a drawn out “thaaaaanks.” Now, pay me a compliment and I enthusiastically agree with you; not because I think I’m the bee’s knees–but because I’m just as in awe as you! Each thing I make is better than the last. I love to sew, but with my personality that just isn’t enough. I have to have a natural talent and be good (or at least okay; definitely not bad) at something to stick with it. Sewing is pretty much the only thing that I’ve kept doing; because I am good at it. And every finished garment is a physical evidence of my improvement since the last thing I made. I guess it boils down to measurable progress.

glitter-and-wit-31. beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice 2. this is how we denim 3. origami crown

I sew to contribute financially to my family

So I’ve got all the things necessary to sew, and I’ve finally let myself realize that I’m good at sewing. It only seems logical to find some way to use all this stuff and all this skill to try and make a little grocery money, right? After hemming (literally) and hawing for years, I finally bit the bullet (not literally) and started my own home-business making children’s clothing and accessories. That was about nine months ago. They say the thing you love will become the thing you hate if you make a job out of it. I don’t know who they are, but they are kind of right. It’s hard to stand at your serger for hours and repeat the same assembly-line process again and again. It’s even harder to put yourself and your product out there and then make, uh, zero sales six months in. Somehow, I’m still sewing. I’m still loving it. That’s a good sign, right? #cantstopwontstop

And that’s it for me as a Kids Clothes Week Blog contributor. It’s been a real honor to write for KCW and I hope you’ve felt inspired to sew and sew and sew some more. Please come visit me (electronically or in-real-life), sewing friends–and thanks for reading all my ridiculous ramblings. And a special thanks to Meg & Dorie for, well, Kids Clothes Week. Adios!

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