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Hello everyone! I’m Marisa from Melbourne, Australia. Some of you may know me from my blog, thirtynine. Today I’m hoping to get you thinking about the upcoming Kids Clothes Week with a selection of fantastic digital patterns, some of them tried and true, and some more recent releases.

While it’s fall for those of you in the northern hemisphere, here down south it’s springtime. I think of fall and spring as mirror-images of each other: both are transitional seasons, in-between times when the weather can be warm, cold or anything in-between (and if you live in Melbourne, all those things in just one day!).

The way I see it, what these seasons have in common is the need for layers. So here are some fabulous layerable patterns to inspire you as you start planning for Kids Clothes Week.


Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, rolled-up sleeves… shirts are the perfect trans-seasonal garment. Here are three super-cool styles to get you started.

inspshirts1. Maxwell Shirt  2. Charlie Shirt  3. Sketchbook Shirt


If your tastes run to the frilly and feminine, you’re in luck, because there’s plenty out there. Floaty dresses are perfect for mild days, and are lovely teamed with a cardi and leggings for cooler weather. If you like a sportier look, check out the Joey dress (centre) with its cute kangaroo pocket. I can just imagine my daughter stuffing that with toys!

inspdresses1. Bohemian Babydoll  2. Joey Dress  3. Charlie Dress

Shorts and skirts

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the weather is mild enough for shorts – or perhaps you, like me, have a child who refuses to wear anything other than shorts all year round. Hey, even if it’s too cold for shorts, your girls can always layer them up with tights or leggings, right? Those Clover Shorts would look great as part of a cool-weather ensemble.



1. Clover Shorts  2. Kid Shorts  3. Sunny Shorts  4. Alder Skirt  5. Fiesta Skirt  6. 2+2 Skirt

Long pants

My son and daughter are united in their refusal to wear long pants, but if they weren’t so stubborn I would be making a beeline for those skinny jeans…


1. Small Fry Skinny Jeans  2. Parsley Pants  3. Kudzu Cargos

Cardigans and jackets

Cosy in fleece, or lighter in cotton, layer up with some of these cuties. And by the way, that beautiful woollen vest is a free pattern!


1. Aster Cardigan  2. Woollen Vest  3. Letterman Jacket

So – are you putting together outfits in your mind? Or just thinking about one or two key pieces? Whatever your taste, I hope I’ve given you some food for thought as you plan for Kids Clothes Week. Now go forth and print, tile, cut and sew!

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  1. Ana Sofia

    Thank you Marisa, for featuring the Clover shorts I’ve done for my girl! 
    This is definitely a pattern that I will use again for the upcoming KCW – shorts are always on my girl’s wardrobe, regardless of the season and they look so stylish when paired with tights and boots for fall 🙂

  2. Lucinda

    Such a great roundup! Not surprisingly, many of the patterns you featured are favorites of mine as well. We must experience similar transitional weather here in Michigan because we too suffer from the multi-temp in just one day phenomena as well:)

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