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When I started browsing through the project pool to begin preparing this post, I had a preconception that I would find springy florals and sherbert colors sprinkled throughout.  And there were those for sure, but I was a little floored that each page clearly showed the true color trend for KCW Spring 2014: Green and Blue.

KCW Color Trends

From lime green to grass to mint, blending on through sage, aqua and cornflower to rest again at navy blue.  And this was only a sampling of all the hues of green and blue – check out the project pool and see if it stands out to you as well!

And conspicuously lacking?  Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the year for 2014.  What are the odds?  So, did you participate in the unofficial color scheme for Spring 2014, or did you do your own thing?




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  1. erin

    That’s so funny Jenn! When you asked yesterday what we thought it was I was going to answer blue and chambray, the definite winners for me. 🙂

    AND I just finished a September tunic for Hannah in none other than Radiant Orchid! Darn it, always just a little too late. 🙂

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