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Hi Kids Clothes Week enthusiasts! It’s Renee here again from Nearest the Pin. The team have a few fun round up posts planned and todays is the first. Whew! I have to say, the project pool was an amazing place to spend some time. I’m sure you’ll agree that the wealth of talent and productivity was quite amazing. In anticipation of this post, I have been keeping a keen eye out for projects that incorporated the ‘Mini Me’ theme into their KCW sewing. It wasn’t compulsory. It was just for fun. Let’s see how some of our KCW compatriots used the ‘Mini Me’ theme.

Upcycling grown up clothing

Mini Me 1

1. Erin Maupin 2. Oliver’s Fancy 3. Sew Pomona 4. Pienkel

All these ladies have very cleverly re-invented a piece of their own (or hubby’s) clothing into something new and funky for their children. What great inspiration!!

A Mini Version

Mini Me 2

1. Feathers Flights 2. marianabebe 3. Tarynt18 4. Bethany

Mini Me 3

1. Renee W 2. ahiggs 3. meganac 4. sofilantjes

Ahhhh why are little version of grown up clothes so so cute?!? Ha, and I must say, kudos to those who are not afraid of stepping out in public in matching outfits – I love it!!

Using Grown Up Fashion as Inspiration

Mini Me 4

1. erinkeith05 2. elsiemarley

These ladies very cleverly used their favourite grown up fashion inspirations and converted those into fantastic age appropriate outfits. If only I could pull off floral leggings as well as this little cutie!

Big and Little Versions for Kids

Mini Me 5

1. youandmie 2. katybellabug 3. tampete77

I will admit that I didn’t think of this interpretation of the theme prior to Kids Clothes Week – but of course! It’s a perfect way to get more than one use out of your newly purchased patterns and maybe reduce the arguments about who got what new clothes – maybe…

Anyway, what did you think of this season’s Mini Me theme? Did you enjoy a little extra inspiration point that was there if you needed it?  Theme suggestions for next season – let’s hear them….go

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  1. Dana Holzer

    I am new to KCW and loved seeing all of the clothes that were made! It was so inspiring. I am not sure that my end products are quite good enough for me to photograph for KCW, but I felt pushed to have the be a goal for me. Thank you for all the inspiration. One possible theme idea could be clothes from curtains…like in the Sound of Music. Since I live in Bolivia and there aren’t “regular” fabric stores here, I have been making dresses out of curtains and have made some fun creations. Just an idea. Thank you again.

  2. Lightning McStitch

    I interpreted the theme to mean I could make things that I liked and I wanted to make. I can be a bit stubborn like that.

    I fully realised that my daughter might have hated what I made and refused to wear any of it. She can be a bit stubborn like that! Thankfully it was a resoundingly successful week of sewing. Thanks for hosting!

  3. treen

    I love the themes I’ve seen on other blogs – clothes based on a child’s favorite book or movie, and the No Big Dill alphabet challenge. I’ve thought about doing those for myself anyway but haven’t gotten there yet. This year, my sister and I are doing a holiday challenge for ourselves – I started with Dr. Seuss skirts for Read Across America, and I have some plans for USA skirts for Memorial Day and Independence Day that are next on the list.

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