day two: kcw april 2014

Day two of Kid’s Clothes Week and the project pool is an explosion of color!

featured garments on day two of kcw

1. tiger by Catherine 2. newborn onsie by Magda 3. marshmallow bunny skirt by Amanda 4. raglan dress and leggings by Lightning

You guys really know how to make colors pop! A  little mint piping here, a flash of aqua, even some white makes brown look fresh and new. Sometimes is nice to make kid’s clothes that are gray and modern and a little moody, but other times it’s just fun to make clothes with squirrels and trees and peeps and raindrop and VW buses!

featured garments on day two of kcw

1. hoodie by Leentje 2. teal september tunic by Ari 3. kate’s easter dress by Amy 4. spring chicken pinny by Stacey

Do you go for the crazy prints? Do your kids insist on them? Have you figured out a good compromise between your taste and your kid’s? Tell us in the comments!

kcw giveaway winner


The See Kate Sew giveaway is now closed! The winner is #174, Amy Mayen. Congratulations, Amy! You’ve won $50 worth of seekatesew patterns! The Warp & Weft giveaway ends tomorrow. Don’t forget to enter to win a gorgeous set of Merchant & Mills notions.

Good Luck and Happy KCW!

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