day six: kcw april 2014

Today is Saturday, day six! Are you finishing up everything you started? You’re not starting something new are you!?

featured garments on day 6 of KCW

1. giggle by Annalies 2. elk pajama by Nele 3. embroidered dress by Jane 4. spring jacket by Manon

There seems to be a green theme going today. It’s fitting, because people, it is actually spring here in the midwest. Some of you have moved on to summer (hey, we have a KCW for that season too!) but we are just crawling out of winter in these parts. Let’s celebrate with raccoons and elks, hand-embroidered frocks and mint spring jackets!

featured garments on day 6 of KCW

1. DC pants by Holly 2. picnic dress by Nicoletta 3. pretty peter pan pink peplum by Emily 4. study hall jacket by huisje boompje boefjes

It’s hard not to be inspired to sew when looking through all the amazing clothes in the kcw community. It also can be a little frustrating. Here are pages and pages of beautiful finished garments and I have piles of half-finished and totally wonky, ill-fitting clothes. Do you ever feel like that?

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  1. Anna

    Finished 2 things today, but haven’t gotten pictures/project pages put together yet! And I don’t actually have anything cut out for tomorrow, so whatever I start on tomorrow I may have to just finish up on Monday. Yesterday was a bit of a wash with getting sewing done, but managed to make up for that today. I can’t wait to get the pictures up.

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