day five: kcw april 2014

Today is day 5, but remember it’s Kid’s Clothes WEEK, not Kid’s Clothes take-the-weekend-off! There is still an hour to find on Saturday and Sunday for KCW.

featured garments on day 5 of KCW

1. tiny tees by Caitlin Betsy 2. silver dot school bus t-shirt by Gail 3. squirrel by Nele 4. farm girl shorts by Jill

Weekends can get crazy busy and the weather is (finally)  lovely, but I know you can find one little hour. Maybe you set your alarm early and sew a few seams before breakfast. Or maybe you sneak off while your kids are watching their favorite movie.  Or have an extra cup of coffee in the afternoon and stay up late, working by the light of your sewing machine.  Life will always get in the way, but sometimes before it does you can say really loudly, “I AM TAKING AN HOUR TO DO MY OWN THING TODAY!”

featured garments on day 5 of KCW

1. tiger print shandiin by Alida 2. offset raglan tee by Caitlin Betsy 3. solid bateau tops by Jessica 4. celestial tee by Lauren

Because seriously, pompom trim and squirrel fabric and tiger stripes and pastels all over the place. You guys make me want to…


Don’t laugh! You will be yelling that too after you spend some time in the project pool. Now go sew!

kcw giveaway winner


The Perfect Pattern Parcel giveaway is now closed. The winner of the PPP #2 pack of PDF patterns is Brittney Laidlaw . Congratulations, Brittney! That was the last giveaway of Giveaway Week! I hoped you enjoyed it–even if you didn’t win. We have an amazing group of sponsors that support our KCW community! I hope you’ll consider supporting them too:)

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