kcw: day four

Welcome to day four of Kid’s Clothes Week!

kcw featured garments for day four1. refashion-d by Louise 2. bimaa hoodie by Brooke 3. winter pippa peplum by Sara 4. ombre bubble top by Tathra

There are some amazing things happening in the project pool! Have you been checking in every day? Or are you too busy sewing? Even if you have just a minute between (frantically) hemming and (frantically) making dinner, do yourself a favor and click over for a healthy dose of inspiration!

kcw featured garments for day four1. old man sweater by Jess 2. fox upcycled sweater by Julia 3. easy swing tee by Lena 4. upcycled dress by Tartaruga

You guys seem to be on a refashion kick this KCW. All the clothes in the collage above are made out of old clothes. Who knew an old sweatshirt could turn into a fantastic fox sweater? Or an old tee shirt could become a a pretty swing top for a pretty toddler? See?! It’s hard not to be inspired by all your amazing creations!

kcw giveaway winnerWell, that graphic doesn’t quite work here, because there are actually 3 winners for the Miss Matatabi fabric giveaway! And the winners are…#129 Heather Paulson, #570 Darla Quail, and #800 Nicola . Congratulations! Each one of you has won 2 yards of lovely fabric from the Miss Matatabi etsy shop.

And if you didn’t win, well hop over to the shop anyway because Frances is offering 15% off your purchase until the end of KCW (Feb 2) with the code KIDS15. This is the last day for to enter our final giveaway for the new Zonen 09 patterns.

Good Luck and Happy KCW!



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