kcw january 2014

image credits: 1. baby blue flashback 2. peacock tutu 3. lightening bolt bimaa 4. velvety teal 5. deer tee 6. the olivia dress

Hello! I hope everyone has recovered from the busy/frantic/lovely/delicious holiday season. Did you get everything you wanted? No, probably not. Did you get a new calendar? Yes, you did! Okay, get it out because I’ve got some dates for you to mark down. Ready? JANUARY 27 – FEBRUARY 3. Those 7 days will be spent tracing, cutting, sewing, and hemming clothes for your kids. Woo Hoo!

It’s the first ever winter KCW (or first ever summer KCW for you southern hemispere-ers).  In the next few weeks, we will have some brilliant guest posters, a few fantastic giveaways, and tons of inspiration. Be sure to mark down the dates for KCW on your brand-spanking-new calendar before you head out for your fabulous New Year’s Eve parties–lest you forget 😉

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  1. Elle from www.sewprettywitty.blogspot.com

    Hello, it all sounds very exciting to me. But as I am new to this I would be greatful if someone explains me more about KCL. As far as I understood you can sew one or more kids garments, using your own or someone’s else pattern. Is that correct? And then I suppose you send a photo of the ready garment? Where do you send photos? Anything else? Thank you!

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