kcw: day two

kcw october 2013: day two

1. eve’s comfy lounge wear by Kristin 2. the norah tunic by Hayley 3. ballerina shrug by Amy  4. boatneck poppy raglan by Erin

The finished projects are starting to roll in and seriously, you guys! I mean seriously. This stuff is amazing. The young ladies up there are wearing a mix of handmade, upcycled, self-drafted, and just plain awesome clothes.

kcw october 2013: day two


1.vintage television tee by Heidi  2. color dipped boy by Petra 3. upcycled superhero t-shirt cape by Laura 4. ribs tee by Brienne

And don’t forget the boys. They are thoroughly stylish too. The ones above are rocking color blocking, upcycled capes, hand sewn appliques, and halloween style. And it is only day two. Day two!! So much more handmade goodness to come.



winner of the miss matatabi  giveaway


Now for some nani IRO goodness! The winner of the miss matatabi giveaway is Hannah! Congratulations, Hannah! You will soon have 6 meters of nani IRO knit fabric on your doorstep! WooHoo!

Remember today is the last day to enter the Zonen 09 pattern giveaway!  Happy KCW!



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