kcw: day four


kcw day 4: handmade costumes

1. penguin costume by Terri  2. batgirl begins by Jane 3. adventure time finn costume by Julia 4. superhero tee by Michelle

It’s day 4 of Kid’s Clothes Week! Seeing as Halloween is exactly a week away, I thought I’d feature all the awesome costumes you guys have made so far this week. Everything from adorable little penguins to exploding volcanoes is showing up in the project pool! I love that you are using patterns you already have and transforming them into amazing things. The volcano below is made from the Oliver + S bubble dress pattern!

kcw day 4: handmade costumes

1. my daughter the volcano by Janice  2. skeleton base by Kristin 3. wednesday witch by sibylnutmeg 4. zelda dress by Crystalyn

Are you a 100% handmade halloween kind of person or more of a whatever-let’s-just-buy-the-darn-thing person? Do you [very gently, very cleverly] guide you child to what you want him or her to be for halloween or let them pick whatever ridiculous thing they want? Do you even celebrate halloween or do you think it’s for the birds?


hey june pattern giveaway winner


I think the Edelweiss dress by Hey June would make a pretty authentic Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) costume. But the winner of the Hey June pattern giveaway can pick any pattern she wants! And the winner is . . . Mary D.  Congratulations, Mary!

Remember today is the last day to enter our final giveaway of the week: a Monday’s Milk gift certificate. Good luck and happy KCW!



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  1. Shelly

    We are definitely the hand-made costume family. The first two years my husband chose our son’s costumes and we worked together to make them happen. The last 3 yrs have been all my son’s ideas and I’ve made them happen. Last year we got really, really lucky at a used clothing sale and found all the items we needed (leather biker jacket included) for him to be Ghost Rider. This year he chose Jack the Ripper and I’ve managed to find material on sale and alter patterns I already had to make the pants, inverness, and ascot. I’m still technically a beginner sewer, so this year has been a real challenge, but its been so worth it to see him wearing his costume around the house every night!! I’m not only amazed when what I make turns out, but then for it to match his ideals … well, that’s beyond awesome!!

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