kcw: day five

kcw october 2013: day five

1. cardi and pintuck pants by Cate 2. the lion tee by Heather 3. little liberty leggings by Jenny 4. peacock tutu by Gail 5. mr. wise guy by Nele

Today is day 5, but remember it’s Kid’s Clothes WEEK, not Kid’s Clothes take-the-weekend-off. I know weekends are full of soccer and parties and outings and errands, but you just need to find one little hour.  You can do it!  Maybe you set the timer on the coffee maker and wake up a bit early. I have to say, I actually enjoy a little hand stitching in the early morning hours. Or maybe you sneak off while your kids are watching their favorite movie.  Or stay up late, working by the light of your sewing machine.  You’ve come this far! Show yourself you can put in that one hour a day.

kcw october 2013: day five

1. bow-jamas by Jewel 2. japanese kitty pierrot by Beth 3. debbie’s birthday dress by Farrah 4.baby button up shirt by diorella 5. shawl collar bimaa by Nienke

Ok, enough of the motivation speech. Look at all the pretty things! I usually pick 8 garment to feature each day, but there were so many beautiful handmade clothes I had to pick a few more. The lion shirt is quickly becoming a fan favorite. And I think “bow-jamas” wins the prize for best name ever!


mondays milk giveaway winners


Our last giveaway ends today. I’m sad it’s over, but so happy it was a success. What do you think? Should Giveaway Week be a permanent thing on KCW? I’m sure Fenna, Nettie L., and Krista B. think so. They each have won a 20 Euro gift certificate to Monday’s Milk. Congratulations!!

What are your sewing goals for the next few days? I’ll be posting (and sewing) this weekend, so make sure to check in! Happy KCW!



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