KCW Plans: What I Plan to Sew

Hello KCW Readers, Jess Abbott here the Sewing Rabbit! It has been so much fun watching some of my team members post throughout the week and learning all about their fall nature inspiration. That piped peplum top pattern and tutorial by Jen was simply fabulous!

One of the things that makes KCW so great is the way it brings the entire sewing community together. There is no other time that our on-line community seems to get together purely for the love of sewing. Especially when it comes to sewing for our children, which is a particular passion of mine, and something that I believe rings true for many within our community. The banter back and forth between kids sewing bloggers, the mini rivalries that pop up, and the general good cheer is so contagious that it truly makes everyone want to join in on the fun!

Sewing for an entire week can have its challenges at times, but one of the ways I prepare is to already know what I want to sew in advance. And let’s just say, there have been some I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E patterns that have caught my eye lately…

I am absolutely adoring the Kaleidoscope Sweater Pattern by See Kate Sew. It manages to be both mod and trendy, AND something my daughters would flip for. Its one of my new pattern obsessions.


One look at this adorable cropped laid-back blazer by Cali Faye Patterns, and it was love at first site. How could I not add it into my must sew pile, it is simply fabulous. And of course, as with all love-at-first-site patterns, my daughters suddenly need this blazer in their lives.


Naturally, if my girls are getting jackets – my son must get one too. And this Study Hall Jacket Pattern by Go To Patterns is phenomenal. What is not to love about it? It will be perfect for Fall, and even some of the early Winter months!


Loving the racer back and pleated bottom on the BBC Vest by Shwin & Shwin Patterns, which makes it a serious contender on my KCW sewing list.


And I am totally crushing on the Bimaa Sweater by Lou Bee Clothing, have heard nothing but rave reviews on it from sewing bloggers that I know and trust!


Having already made one Sally Dress by Very Shannon Patterns, I already know how easy it is to sew and the wonderful fit for my kids!  But last time I made the sleeveless version, and clearly my kids need sleeves this Fall!


And lastly, I need more basic tees! The Beachy Boatneck is one of my all-time fave patterns by Blank Slate Patterns, and is the perfect choice for that day when you run out of sewing time. This bad boy whips up in under 30-45 minutes, and is a true staple in any child’s wardrobe. I’ve already got my request in for the women’s version we hope Melly will be releasing soon!


And that’s my KCW Fall sewing pattern to-do list.

It may seem like a lot but I have found that by following a few simple rules, and organizing as much as possible ahead of time, it is completely attainable. Try to:

  • Have your patterns printed out and cut ahead of time.
  • Fabrics already chosen.
  • Schedule your daily sewing time as much as possible.

For me – sewing them is never the problem. The photoshoot and editing afterwards, that is another story. HA! I look forward to someone sharing tips here on KCW in the weeks leading up to the Fall Challenge to help aid in that process!

Thank you so much again Meg for having me and my team here on KCW. We are all greatly looking forward to the Challenge this October, and can’t wait to see what everyone else is sewing! It is always a blast seeing what has become the latest pattern fad during that week.

Happy Sewing!

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