kcw in the southern hemisphere

A few people contacted me and asked it I could make a KCW button for the southern hemisphere folks. Everyone in the southern hemisphere, of course, is sewing for the opposite season. It makes sewing spring clothes when we keep talking about fall feel a little odd. So I made a button and left off the bit about fall:


kcw: october 21-27, 2013   kcw: october 21-27, 2013


You guys in the southern hemisphere are amazing sewers who make beautiful children’s clothes and I don’t want you to feel left out! I’m trying to think up ways to solve this problem, but I’m coming up short. I don’t think changing the name would help. I can’t call it fall/spring KCW because that’s confusing. I can’t call it third quarter KCW because that seems a bit lifeless. And I can’t have two separate KCWs: northern hemisphere fall 2013 KCW and southern hemisphere spring 2013 KCW, because, wow, that is way too complicated.

What would you do? Are there ways of making KCW more hemisphere-neutral? Would you like a “I’m sewing in the southern hemisphere” button on your KCW profile page? Should we just go by the month and year (october, 2013) and call it a day?


image credit: this lovely poster of the southern hemisphere star chart by Brainstorm 


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  1. Ashley

    I don’t think the season really has to be on the button. The point is to sew for your kids–what kind of clothes are sewn is not as important, in my opinion. Plus, I’ve sewn a season ahead sometimes bc my location has crazy sudden weather changes. I don’t think it’s as big deal as it seems. 🙂

  2. Jenya

    I don’t get hung up on the name. It is just Kids Clothes Week for me. I will be sewing spring/summer outfits for my daughter and enjoy it knowing I am sewing at the same time (or maybe a day ahead hahaha) with a lot of like minded people 🙂 It’s not about the name, it’s about the spirit 🙂 How amazing is it to be a part of such awesome community!

  3. Renee

    How about having a hemisphere selection on the sewer profile page? Or the other idea I had was to have a small comment section in the sewer profile relating to sewing goals for this particular KCW e.g. ‘I’m aiming to sew shorts and tees for the upcoming Australian summer’, or whatever your goal might be.

  4. abby @ thingsforboys

    I think having the month is a good solution. As others have said, we can sew clothes to suit our needs. I like the idea of being able to select your hemisphere on the profile page and also the ‘I’m sewing in the Southern Hemisphere’ button. I wouldn’t worry too much though Meg, all us folk down here are quite used to going with the flow.

  5. dotted

    And what about equinox or solstice?. We will be in the second equinox, now in September and the second solstice will be in December. These words to me represent a season and you don’t need to put fall or spring. What do you think?

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