kcw summer 2013: wrap up!

The first ever summer edition of kid’s clothes week has come to an end! It was a wild and sweaty ride. A heatwave hit most of the United States right as kcw started, but you sewed on through the heat. And produced some lovely summertime clothes to boot! We are so happy that so many of you joined the new community site and posted projects. It’s beautiful over there–because of you!

kcw summer 2013: wrap up


1. striped shorts by Nienke  2. two t-shirts by Inkie  3. rainbow dress by Sanae  4. skater dress by Martha  5. twirly maxi dress by Jo  6. summer stripes by Jewel  7. fancy pants zebra leggings by Tara  8. arrow tee by Ashley  9. geofloral shorts by Kristin

We know you want to comment on all these amazing projects, so that is the first thing on our to-do list. Next is the ability link projects to your blog and favorite other’s work. There is so much to do, but we think [for beta] this is a good start. Fall is going to be amazing!! If there is anything you want or think would be an interesting thing to do on the new site please comment (here or facebook or email us at kidsclothesweek@gmail.com). We want all of you to be a part of shaping the new community site.

kcw summer 2013: wrap up


1. mama dress to girls dress by Monica   2. embellished shirt by Amber  3. anchors by Britteny  4. puppet show tunic by Zoe  5. goat tee by hamster and the bee  6. color block stripey boy clothes by Nichole  7. swan lake dress by Trine  8. two merino tees by Jenny  9. plaid preppy shorts X2 by Wendy


You are all such creative people, working together we can’t help but make the new kcw site awesome. Happy KCW!


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  1. zoe

    I had a ball. Couldn’t do every day but 4 out of 7 ain’t bad. The sun was just too tempting. Still have to post the last photos only there was a juice strawberry/photo incident and is now in the wash.

  2. kristin

    YES! Great way to kick off the new KCW site – seems like it’s harder to find time to sew in the summertime and I know my projects were really basic, but hey, that’s what the kids needed, and it kicked me in the pants too. Thanks for pulling this all together, Meg & Dorie!!

  3. Deepa Thomas

    Thank you for creating the new website. It’s fabulous. I had some difficulty uploading multiple photos though and getting a particular photo to show up as the project cover. Could you help me out there, please?

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