kcw summer 2013: day two

Day two and you guys are going strong. There are so many amazing things popping up in the project pool (on the kcw community website).  Speaking of the website, thank you for all your suggestions. Keep ’em comin’! To answer a few questions:

  • When you add images to your project, the last picture you upload is the featured image. 
  • Yes, the image situation will get better. You will be able to see all the images full size in the fall. 
  • Yes, we want to add the ability to comment on projects and link to blog posts.
  • You can now add a project without linking to a pattern. We didn’t allow this before, because we want to keep unlinked projects to a minimum. But we know that we don’t have a ton of patterns in our database.
  • Which leads us to…adding patterns. We have a lovely group of volunteers adding patterns, if you’d like to add patterns too please email us [kidsclothesweek@gmail] and we can add you to the list.

kcw summer 2013: day two

1. stenciled cat top 2. galaxy flashback  3. helicopter stenciled tank  4. class picnic shorts

Now look at all these amazing garments you’ve made! I like all the stenciling and fabric making that is going on. I have a little freezer paper project in the works myself. And wowie wow wow, check out the nightgown made from liberty & silk below! Sounds like the perfect thing to sleep in on hot summer nights.

kcw summer 2013: day two

1. zephyr in liberty and silk 2. summer halter & skirt 3. a-line jorna 4. dottie blouse


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