kcw summer 2013: day seven

The last day of Kid’s Clothes Week is here! Are you covered in bits of thread and fabric? Up to your eyeballs in laundry and dirty dishes? Proud that you carved out a little time each day to sew? I’m guessing the answer is, “yes, all of the above.” I hope all of you sewing along this summer–or winter, depending on the hemisphere–had a good time. And I hope all of you following along and not sewing are inspired to join in the next challenge!

Here are some lovely handmade clothes from the last day of KCW. Check them out, clean yourself up, and we’ll be back later this week with a big KCW wrap up!
pistachio dress for summer kcw

Pistachio by Ela


tee shirt and shorts for summer kcw

Mix and Match Outfit by Trine



leaf shorts for summer kcw

Green Leafy Shorts by Meagan


kid shorts for summer kcw

Racer Shorts by Anne



pants for summer kcw


Trackie Dacks with Fluoro Trim by Marisa




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  1. Cate

    So many great projects! I am a KCW bum this time around. Completely bailed due to the heat. The indoor thermometer read 91 degrees in my sewing room last week. Yuck! Thank you for posting my halter on Day 2 — I’m glad I at least finished one project! Can’t wait for next KCW!!

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