kcw summer 2013: day four

I realize (four days into this summer challenge) that I should be posting pictures of the featured projects one by one so they are easy to pin. I know you guys are pin-crazy and there is too much good stuff here not to pin it!

linen pants and bow tie for summer kcw

linen pants and bow tie

Like these gorgeous linen trousers (and matching bow tie!) made by the Hungarian sewer Orsolya.

seesaw jersey top for summer kcw

seesaw jersey top 

And this simple tee shirt by Sarah Jane. I love the design of the shirt (the pattern is from Ottobre), but I can’t get over the rainbow thread she added to the ruffles. It’s a fantastic touch that makes this shirt extra special.


jungle shorts

This fabric is extra, extra special. Marah from Oregon cut up a crazy blouse from the 70s to make these shorts. Yes! Dress your kids in awesome jungle print shorts! This, people, is why we sew.

striped dress for summer kcw

simple tee shirt dress.

And so that we can whip up a cute, comfy dress when none in the closet fit.

ice cream top for summer kcw

pleated ice cream blouse

And beautiful, timeless pieces like this ice cream top in an aqua shot cotton. The colors are a bit more muted today compared to yesterday, but the clothes are no less awesome. These five are just the tip of the [amazing, handmade] iceberg. You can see the whole iceberg on the kcw community project page here.


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