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Kid’s Clothes Week was a resounding success! We’re going to wait a day or two for the official wrap up, because there are still new handmade garments popping up on flickr! In the meantime (before you tackle the mountain of laundry) please check out our lovely sponsors!

We have been so lucky to work with such an amazing bunch of small businesses. Blank Slate, Figgy’s, Hey June, Go To Patterns, and Made by Rae are all very talented pattern makers. I’ve personally made a pattern from each of these makers. I have to say not only were the patterns a dream to work with, but I have no doubt I will be using them for years to come. You’re going to need fabric for those patterns: Miss Matatabi and The Fabric Stash to the rescue! Both shops offer gorgeous fabric and notions for all your sewing needs.

I know posts like this can be easily passed over, but all of these women are working hard to bring you quality products. Consider buying from these small businesses next time you need a pattern or fabric. You support them, they support us, we support you: it is all one amazing circle of handmade goodness!

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  1. Dandy

    Yay for great sponsors! I’m so exhausted, and am not sure how people manage to participate, take (great photos) and write blog posts through this week. I made a good attempt as this was my first time participating. Super fun….now I’m looking forward to spending some quality time in the Flickr pool, getting more inspiration. Thanks, Meg!

  2. Bek

    Thank you!!!!!
    This challenge has got me sewing more than I have in ages for my own kiddoes…even though I didn’t finish half of what i wanted to!! Looking forward to next season when I’m sure I’m going to be much more organised!!!

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