kcw spring 2013: day two

beautiful fabric stack above by Ericka

kcw spring 2013: day two


1. Oliver + S floral sailboat shorts  2. Upcycled button down geranium dress  3. Quilted sweatshirt with elbow and shoulder patches  4. Nautical stripes and hot pink


The flickr pool is starting to fill up! Don’t fret if you haven’t finished anything yet–it is only day 2 after all. In the past, it never was the sewing that did me in, but rather the getting my kids to put on the clothes and pose for the camera without throwing a fit. Now that made me lose my mind! These lovely children all seem to be having a fine time in their new handmade duds!


kcw spring 2013: day two


1. Knit tank experiment 2. Banyan tee 3. Grainline Moss skirt in XS 4. Sew Liberated pocket pants & Skinny Flashback tee sweater

Can you get your children to wear the clothes you make? KCW is like clothes christmas to my kids! Some of the garments I make are instantly loved and some instantly ripped off never to be worn again.  All those in the photo above would be loved for sure: polka dots, stripes, neutrals, and more stripes! What’s not to love?!

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  1. Tara

    I love stripes! The striped banyan is really cute. Right now my kids both seem to like hamming for the camera in their outfits, but I don’t have to make them do it very often. If they did it all the time I think they would sour on it pretty quickly

  2. Fiona

    I can’t even get my daughter to try on the Geranium top I made her yesterday, never mind take pictures! And this is after she chose the fabric, got excited about the press studs and declared it pretty. Three year olds!

  3. KathScraps

    I’m still new enough to this that my granddaughters try it on easily enough. Getting a decent picture is another story entirely – the 5 yr old will sometimes pose, but the baby is a tyrant!

  4. Sarah M

    Ack, still working strong on Sew Liberated top for my daughter, it’s coming out sooo cute (neon koi fish, yes please!), but it’s taking me a long time, since I’m getting reacquianted with my sewing machine after over a year! I already have other patterns all cut out just waiting. I think once I get one item under my belt again the rest will go faster…but I’m still getting my confidence back (step by step, seam rip by seam rip, ha!)
    Sarah M

  5. Jane@buzzmills

    Thanks so much for the feature of my up cycled dress! I don’t usually have a problem with my daughter trying stuff on… My three year old son though sometimes… I don’t push it though I just give up he comes around eventually… 😉

  6. Stacey

    Thank you so much for featuring my quilted sweatshirt. I apologize that it’s taken me this long to get over here and see it. I’ve been sewing away and neglecting all my favorite blogs. Now that the week is over, I can finally catch up on all of this yummy kids sewing!

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