kcw spring 2013: day six

adorable pouter in the ice cream dress by Hamster and the Bee

kcw spring 2013: day six

1. linen rollerskate dress 2. fancy pants shorts  3. linen puppet show tunic 4. neon flashback tee

There seems to be a green theme going today. It’s fitting, because people, it is actually spring here in the midwest. Some have you have moved on to summer (hey, we have a kcw for that season too!) but we are just crawling out of winter in these parts. Let’s celebrate with neon green triangles, and green cheetah leggings, and mint spring jackets!

kcw spring 2013: day six

1. stripe dress 2. cheetah leggings  3. mint and pink jacket 4. ayashe top

Have you made anything green this week? Or are you just happy to have made something (never mind the color)?


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  1. Jessica @ SunnyStitiching

    To be honest, I can’t even remember what I made this week. I’ll have to take a quick look at my blog to see. That’s the state of mind I’m in…
    Nope. Nothing green, but there was a little bit of it in my little girl’s dress, not enough to qualify for “something green,” though. There are so many gorgeous kids clothes being made. I wish I had more time to really look at them all! Thanks so much for putting this week on! It’s been great motivation to me. 🙂

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