kcw spring 2013: day five

I love the photo above and the whole photo montage of Mina’s girls and their simple skirts on her blog! Do check it out!
kcw spring 2013: day five

1. ballerina dress 2. lazy days skirt 3. japanese dress  4. mod dress 

Holy handmade clothes! I can barely keep up with all your stunning creations in the flick pool. There are only two more days left in the challenge. A few hours during the weekend can sometimes be hard to find, but I know you can do it! All those buttons and hems aren’t going to sew themselves (wouldn’t that be nice though).

kcw spring 2013: day five

1. boy’s jacket 2. swan party dress  3. flashback skinny tee with goggles  4. handsome shirt

I wanted to remind everyone in the area about the little meet up tomorrow. I’ll be there with bells on and cookies in hand!



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